Louvre Alliance Company changed its name to 1630 Conseil on January, 2017.

1630 Conseil operates with an open mindset, conscious that its consulting added value services go beyond knowledge delivery and cannot be dissociated from its turn of mind and know-how.
Founded as a start-up in 2004 by two former Andersen partners keen on maintaining their inherited business and financial culture as well as first class working habits, 1630 Conseil provides the following services:

Since the very beginning, 1630 Conseil has worked very closely with Attali & Associés, a consulting firm founded by Jacques Attali who evidenced his confidence in the future of 1630 Conseil by becoming a shareholder and its Supervisory Board President. Hence both consulting firms, Attali & Associés and 1630 Conseil, share their skills and experiences in the same spirit of service and of high expectations for excellence.
1630 Conseil has been experiencing constant and sustainable growth, earning the trust and confidence of its clients: top private or public companies, territorial agencies or investment funds…

Sense of place

1630 Conseil provides an array of actions free from any arrogance, closer to a service or a coaching spirit than to the delivery of presumptuous evidences.
As a consequence, enterprise management responsibility, its market, specificities, organization, rights and duties may be improved with a new flavour, as we all know that human achievements are first and foremost the consequence of culture, serenity and measure.
A quote evidences the illustration of our sense of place:

‘’ No power, a little knowledge, some wisdom and all the flavour we may offer ’’

Far from representing a simple intrusion of poetry in economics, 1630 Conseil strongly believes in this motto, inflecting it upon its daily work, when talking to its clients, writing or managing its human relationships.
Technical skills demonstrated by Louvre Alliance, considered as basics, are then always backed by a commitment to human sciences and to the serenity they provide.


1630 Conseil constantly strives to consider companies with humility and kindness. Far away from any theory based on sanctimonious values, but aiming at identifying the shapes human organizations adopt in their cultures, timeless and rich shapes which may represent, depending upon the context, a legal structure, a way of talking, an old accounting policy, the drafting of a strategical green paper, an office design or a management style, a transformation project or shoulder movements of those who are involved in it.
As a fold of human culture, the institution, the company, at the same time, veils, drapes and anticipates the resource. Each memo or minute, each communication, each meeting, each governance policy or each project structure is a fold whispering its complexion and shouting its wealth. As the Baroque fold, the one Le Bernin would sculpt on his XVIIth century statues, it is what allows discovering in its lack the promise of abundance. Such as chiaroscuro in Baroque art, when light only comes in through petite openings hardly perceived from within, it is just some small differential inflexions of the folded material that reveal their vanishing point. Unfolding then means insulting and damaging the forms. A consultant and a communication expert who try to force transparency, or a coach who, using scientistic shortcuts, wants to bypass one century of human sciences, are not only wrong, but are offending the forms and their flavours.
Hence it is time, on the contrary, to detect inside a company these specific folds and to listen to what they have to tell us, precisely about this alliance between an esthetique and a performance. The Baroque fold then becomes the best concept to enable to think about what is happening to this economic century.


Management consulting

Manager’s responsibility must focus on thinking, making arbitrations or decisions, whereas multiple tasks may be delegated: compiling information, writing, ensuring transactions… 1630 Conseil offers a smart and educated stewardship to facilitate management responsibility.

Strategy consulting

Taking into account socioeconomic and cultural environment, 1630 Conseil provides strategic advices : prospective studies, innovation, internal culture, image, communication.

Transformation consulting

1630 Conseil offers to facilitate organizational, process or functional mutations by providing a genuine change management culture with respect to financial requirements.

IT consulting

Information System is a diagonal which opens a very singular perspective on a company, if properly understood, analyzed and managed. This is why 1630 Conseil here combines operational and strategic consulting services.

1630 Conseil provides services in all sectors. Following industries represent areas of expertise: infrastructure manager, transportation and mobility, housing and territory, cultural industry, gaming industry, inter-branch, public policy.


Because thinking about tomorrow’s world is fostered by what's happening today, because concrete experimentation is contributing to long term prospective, 1630 Conseil provides a studies capacity focusing on matters which combine the economic world and civil society.
These studies engagements are a twofold duty for any consulting firm: contributing to contemporary thinking and nourishing ones daily practices.
Based on organizational and accounting rigor, with a commitment to human sciences and culture going beyond purely quantitative approaches and with a passion for written communication, 1630 Conseil studies cover:

  • The economic growth of a territory or local authority
  • The future of an industrial sector
  • Management skills and their articulation with human sciences
  • Semiotic and organizational culture
  • Cultural policies
  • Esthetics of enterprises and organizations

Potentially conducted in relationship with Attali & Associés consulting group, these strategical studies combinate numerous skills which exceed those of usual consulting firms.

1630 Conseil, sponsor of the Forum d'Avignon, published in 2012 and 2013 two studies that mobilized a large number of leading figures from the world of economics, culture and research:


1630 Conseil is managed by:

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Picture of Jean-Michel Mathieu


Picture of Bertrand Moineau

Founding partner

Picture of Christine Silbermann

Founding partner

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Picture of Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali
in charge of Attali & Associés (www.attali.com), chairs 1630 Conseil Supervisory Board.


For any contact or information request, please get in touch with us using one of the following options:

  • 1630 Conseil
  • 20, rue des Pyramides
  • 75001 Paris
  • France
  • Tél. : 00 33 (0)1 42 86 44 70
  • Fax : 00 33 (0)1 42 86 44 84
  • contact@1630conseil.com

1630 Conseil is hiring demanding and motivated candidates. If you want to apply for an opportunity and work with us, please write or transfer your resume to:



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